125 landmarks from around the world have lit up in purple to celebrate and stand in unity for the launch of the #WeThe15 campaign.
This amazing collaboration of the organizations from the Paralympic Committee, the Special Olympics, the International Committee of Sports for the Deaf and the list goes on, will transform the lives of 1.2 billion individuals with disabilities.
Regardless of the Tokyo Skytree, the KL Tower, Sun Tech City, the Vienna Town Hall the Elysee, the Paris City Hall, the Olympic Tower in Munich, the Colosseum in Italy, the Polish Olympic Committee Building, the Olympic Museum in Switzerland, the London Eye in London, the Victoria Bridge in Australia, the Niagara Falls and CN Tower in Canada, the Empire State Building in USA, the Old Walls of Jerusalem, the F and B Stadium in Johannesburg and the list goes on, the World turns purple, the international color for disability to celebrate the launch of #WeThe15. 
We stand united with the world.