Teqball The World is Curved

Today, we take you to a sport which has been recently given observer status in GAISF and is one of the fastest growing new sports. Fédération Internationale de Teqball or FITEQ, is the governing body over Teqball and Para-Teqball, led by President, GÁBOR BORSÁNYI and Chairman, VIKTOR HUSZÁR both of which are the cofounders of Teqball. FITEQ, has over 55 established national federation and is recognised by 2 continental Olympic associations namely, OCA and ANOCA.

Teqball, is a sport for any age, ability, gender or culture, and is offering a useful and innovative sporting world. Built on important values of respect, integrity, passion, inclusion and ambition. Under General Secretary, MARIUS VIZER JR, Teqball seeks to unite, foster, promote and develop the international Teqball community, allowing every athlete to reach their full potential whatever level that might be.

Today, we will take you to the world of Teqball. AIMS President, Stephan Fox stated that, at the recent World Urban Games and Regional Sportaccord Convention, he had a chance to play and fell in love with the excitement of the game.