Over the last 6 months, discussions took place for the betterment of Savate in Italy, with the goal to unify all Savate federations under the Italian Olympic Committee, CONI.

Pre-meetings took place between former SportAccord President, Mr. Ivo Ferriani, AIMS President Mr. Stephan Fox, the President of FiSav Dr. Julie Gabriel, and the President of the Italian Combat Federation, Federkombat, Mr. Donato Milano.

The meetings had been held in the interest of the athletes for which FISav, under the presidency of Julie Gabriel, are considered the heart and soul of the sport and the federation.

A final meeting took place between CONI, FISav, Federkombat and Fight1 Carlo di Blasi, at CONI in the presence of Mr. Giovanni Malago’, President of CONI and IOC member, to discuss a roadmap for the unification under FISav.

AIMS would like to congratulate the National Olympic Committee of Italy, Federkombat and certainly Dr. Julie Gabriel and FiSav for this momentous step forward.