About CIPS


CIPS was founded on 22nd February, 1952 in Rome. It is an Organization of universal nature, which has the goal to promote, coordinate and improve all the activities in touch with the fishing from a sporting point of view. Currently, 135 National Federations from 70 countries and one international fishing organization, representing about 50 million members, belong to CIPS.

CIPS is a Confederation structured on three international Federations: the International Fresh Water Sport Fishing Federation (FIPS-ed), the International Fly Sport Fishing Federation (FIPS-Mouche), the International Sea Sport Fishing Federation (FIPS-M). Under the aegis of CIPS, the International Federations organize every year 33 World and European championships. Since 2000, CIPS has been organizing three editions of “Mondiaux” (Sport Fishing Games), where, in one week of competitions.