A new year has begun and although the challenges of 2021 are not yet over, it was a year of unique experiences and sporting events.

The online world has seen borders vanish as many of us witnessed with the second successful UTS World Virtual Youth Festival hosted in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.The Saudi Arabia Olympic Committee and UTS built a strong and dedicated alliance to encourage a healthier and more active lifestyle for youth around the world.

UTS CEO, Julia Govinden shared the pride of UTS and said: “We have all been greatly inspired by the youth who participated in this festival through their passion, dedication, talent, and performances.  An enormous thank you to our partners, to every federation, organisation and to each young talent who took part in this unique celebration. The youth continue to give fuel to our fire, and we are ready for 2022.”

UTS will stay online and will be as active as ever. The all-inclusive virtual world ensures that no one Is left behind, and UTS will continue to ensure youth of all abilities have access to sporting and fun events.

Bronze, silver, and gold medals are now being sent out from the kingdom to all competition winners.

Everyone that joined the WVYF will receive a unique digital certificate, which is signed by the International Olympic Committee, the International Paralympic Committee, Special Olympics, GAISF and UTS.

For your unique certificate please click HERE, find your name and download it!

Can’t find yours? Please send an email to admin@unitedthroughsports.com

We are excited to see everyone share photos or videos of their medals and certificates. Please tag United Through Sports and we look forward to seeing you again in November 2022 in Uzbekistan!!

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