The new Strategic Plan focuses on four primary goals: Serving members and athletes, showcasing athlete excellence through the delivery of Paralympic Games, driving impact through Para sport, and continuing to build a professional organisation. The new Strategic Plan was developed in close collaboration with the IPC’s Governing Board and more than 200 members.

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has published its new Strategic Plan which aims to advance the Paralympic Movement through greater membership engagement, transformative Paralympic Games, showcasing the impact of Para sport, and by pursuing organisational excellence. 

The Strategic Plan 2023-2026 can be downloaded here in EnglishFrench, and Spanish

The new Strategic Plan developed by the IPC membership and Governing Board focuses on four primary goals: 

  1.      Serve our members and athletes to advance the Paralympic Movement 
  2.      Showcase athlete excellence through the delivery of transformative Paralympic Games 
  3.      Drive impact through Para sport 
  4.      Continue to build a professional organisation that rigorously pursues excellence in service of the Paralympic Movement 

As a membership-based organisation, the IPC’s 200 plus members were fundamental in the development and finalisation of the plan. Over the last 10 months, the IPC conducted surveys, held focus groups and initiated several touchpoints to capture and understand fully the key focus areas for members. Discussions were also held with the IPC Athletes’ Council and other key stakeholders. 

Andrew Parsons, IPC President, said: “Due to the evolution of IPC members and the Paralympic Games, the Paralympic Movement has now reached a level of maturity whereby with this new Strategic Plan we are able to expand our priority areas to sustain growth. 

“To propel the Paralympic Movement to its next level of development, we need to continue to serve our members and athletes, and deliver transformative Paralympic Games, but we also need to ensure that we fully leverage the impact of Para sport to make for an inclusive world for the planet’s 1.2 billion persons with disabilities. 

“Change Starts with Sport, and by better demonstrating the societal benefit of Para sport, we will be able to do much more to leverage the IPC’s influence in advancing disability inclusion and growing financial resources to further advance our members and the IPC. 

“By engaging and listening to members and athletes throughout 2022, I believe we now have a Strategic Plan that identifies four strategic goals that will advance the Paralympic Movement during the next four years.” 

Dr. Mike Peters, the IPC’s Chief Executive Officer and two-time Paralympian, said: “We are grateful to all IPC members, athletes and stakeholders who provided their input into the creation of this new plan. Together with the IPC Governing Board and Management Team, I am extremely excited about what lies ahead over the next four years.  

“The IPC Management Team, based in Bonn, Germany, is responsible for delivering the IPC’s new Strategic Plan. As we prepare to move to new headquarters in 2023, we remain steadfast in our commitment for the IPC to be a world-leading sports organisation in all areas. To achieve this, we are building a professional organisation that continuously evaluates and improves what we do and how we do it.” 

Jitske Visser, Chairperson of the IPC Athletes’ Council and four-time Paralympian, said: “The new IPC Strategic Plan places greater focus on the needs of the athlete community than ever before which is fantastic news. This is a result of regular consultation and dialogue with the IPC Athletes’ Council. 

“Without doubt strong progress was made over the last four-year cycle to further the interests and voice of the athlete community within the IPC and the Paralympic Movement. Nine of the 14 IPC Governing Board Members are current or former Para athletes, while the number of former Para athletes within the management team and across committees continues to grow.” 

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