History has been made!


A historical MoU has been signed between the IOC represented by IOC President Dr. Thomas Bach and AIMS represented by its counterpart Stephan Fox. The signing ceremony was witnessed by 4 Vice Presidents from the IOC, and IOC Director General Christophe De Kepper; this is a testament of the importance of the signing.


AIMS, the umbrella group of 23 international sport federations, which are members of SportAccord, now have the right to be included in the “Olympic Movement Directory”. AIMS proudly supports and promotes the vision and mission of the Olympic movement by sustaining and developing sports, importantly through the education of youth through sport and to continue to be credible in sport through applicable principles of the Olympic Movement.

The IOC acknowledges the role and leadership of AIMS, and its valuable contribution to support the Olympic Movement.

“I must thank the IOC President Dr. Bach for his vision, for his mission and for his support of sport and for the international federations which are striving to gain individual recognition by the IOC whom nevertheless work towards good governance and the overall development of sport for the good of society. Today, 23 international sport federations showed their gratitude to the IOC for the acknowledgement and for opening the doors to the non-Olympic recognised sports. Customer management system for retail stores. Best CRM for retail business. Improve your sales now!. A special thank you must also go to the IOC Sport Department for their professionalism, especially IOC Sports Director Kit McConnell and Head of the IOC Sports Partnerships Jenny Mann.  ”– Stephan Fox, AIMS President.