György Gattyán, FITEQ Vice-President, receives Paralympic Flame Award

Teqball Co-Founder and FITEQ Vice-President Mr György Gattyán has been honoured by the Hungarian Paralympic Committee (HPC) with the prestigious Paralympic Flame Award.

Mr Gattyán was recognised by the HPC for his outstanding contribution to parasport in Hungary, in particular through his role in the creation and development of para teqball. In 2020, FITEQ and the HPC joined forces to advance para teqball, signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that enabled FITEQ to use the HPC’s expertise and network of contacts to professionalise and grow its parasport.

In March 2021, FITEQ then officially launched para teqball, paving the way for elite parasport athletes to excel in international competitions and for grassroots players all around to be inspired to try the world’s newest parasport. Guided by its belief that sport is for all, FITEQ has always aimed to be as inclusive as possible. In parallel to the global development of teqball, FITEQ has therefore been in the process of developing the world’s newest parasport for the past three years and the collaboration with the HPC has played a key role in this process over the past year.

Upon receiving the award, Mr Gattyán said, “It is really an honour to be recognised by the Hungarian Paralympic Committee with this award. At FITEQ, we want to share the message that everyone is welcome in our sport, no matter your age, background, or sporting ability. We want to be true to our word and that is why providing opportunities for parasport athletes is one of our key priorities. This award is a sign of the progress para teqball has made in just a short space of time. We have very exciting plans for the future and I am looking forward to continuing to work closely with the HPC to bring our ideas to life. Lastly, I want to wish everyone at the HPC the best of luck for a successful Paralympic Games – I will be cheering loudly from Budapest!”