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GAISF President, Patrick Baumann Picture Courtesy: Getty Images

A meeting took place for sport federations that have enquired for membership into GAISF (SportAccord) and potential applicants. 48 international sport federations were invited and it was held to provide introduction and practice guidance for international federations and other sport organisations considering applying for membership or associate membership.

The day was developed in cooperation with the International Olympic Committee and the GAISF Membership Commission, chaired by Antonio Espinos, President of the World Karate Federation and co-chaired by the two SportAccord Vice Presidents, Raffaele Chiulli, President of ARISF and Stephan Fox, President of AIMS.
GAISF President, Patrick Baumann opened the day stating that “sport never stands still”, and that “sport continues to evolve to reflect our changing world”.

GAISF currently represents 109 ISFs and other sporting bodies, of which 21 are members of AIMS.

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The IOC Sports Dept. was represented by Jenny Mann, who praised the cooperation between GAISF and the IOC on the entry level towards further recognition towards AIMS, and then IOC recognised ARISF and the Olympic Programme in ASOIF and AIOWF. Find out how to start trading forex in Nigeria for beginners.
Antonio Espinos made it clear that applicants will go through a strict process with rivalry to any existing member as the starting point.

The second day featured one-to-one meetings between the Membership Commission and the applicants to ensure everyone understood the criteria to be met.