The Sports Ministry of Kazakhstan invited the GAISF leadership to the Capital City, Nursultan,  which has been awarded the 2021 World Combat games.

The two day visit included an important conference in which over 500 delegates of various combat sports and martial arts came together for the forum.

The former Prime Minister and Chairman of the National Security Committee Karim Massimov who is also the President of the Kazakhstan Martial Art Federation, did a welcome speech to the President of GAISF and SportAccord , Raffaele Chiulli, GAISF Vice President, Stephan Fox and the Director of GAISF, Philippe Gueisbuhler.

Mr. Massimov outlined the unique power of sport, especially martial arts and the importance of GAISF as the umbrella body for recognized international sports federations. Many other important personalities were included: Mr. Muhamediuly Arystanbek, Minister of Culture and Sports, Mr. Dauren Abayev, Minister of Information and Communications, Mr. Saken Mussaibekov, Kazakhstan NOC Secretary General and Mr. Anuar Sadykulov, Head of the State of Security Service.

President Mr.  Chiulli thanked on behalf of GAISF for the invitation, highlighting again, the importance of Kazakhstan in the world of sport and the importance Kazakhstan gives to sport and active society.

Stephan Fox, the Chair of the Multi-sport Games section of GAISF, spoke about the power of martial arts in combat sports and the recognition and respect Kazakhstan has in the world of martial arts and combat.

A special signing ceremony on future cooperation was held and then the Kazakhstan youth did special martial arts performances for all of the guests of honor. The delegations also had a chance to visit the many state of the art sports venues which will be part of the 2021 Combat games