The GAISF Council today convened virtually for the first time in the organisation’s history, as several key decisions were agreed to help sport through the global coronavirus pandemic and beyond. GAISF’s continuous provision of services to members throughout the pandemic was welcomed by the Council, with progress having been achieved across a range of initiatives.

“Sport did not stop because of the pandemic, it adapted, often moving indoors or being practiced alone. Even as people were confined to their homes, sport lost none of its ability to inspire and to raise spirits,” said GAISF President Raffaele Chiulli. “Now as we move to a phase of reopening, GAISF’s members are continuing to adapt as they work to ensure that the benefits of sport are in harmony with the measures required to protect public health. Throughout this phase, GAISF will be by their side, helping to learn and share.”

Preparations for GAISF’s multi-sport games were also discussed, including potential hosts for the next World Urban Games, following the highly successful inaugural edition last year in Budapest, Hungary. The 2021 return of the World Combat Games are also on track and progressing smoothly.

Additionally, the Council considered GAISF’s support for a number of projects that seek to promote social inclusion through the power of sport.

Finally, the Council also discussed plans for this year’s GAISF General Assembly, taking into consideration all concerns regarding the global health situation, and with particular attention paid to the necessary precautions to safeguard all future participants in the event.