AIMS invited special guests for a Welcome Breakfast meeting to honour the 2017 World Games and all partner organisations within the Olympic Movement. AIMS President Stephan Fox welcomed all the guests in the relaxed atmosphere, congratulating IWGA President and IOC Member José Perurena for the success of the 2017 World Games, which has truly put the atheltes at the heart. President Fox stressed on the unique power of sport has to make a positive contribution in society and he welcomed the representatives of the atheltes there, thanking them and also showcasing the importance of respect for one another.
Mr. Fox and the AIMS Council members present, handed special plaques of appreciation, starting with the former IWGA president, Ron Froelich, who has set the foundation for these games and to the current IWGA president, Mr. Perurena for his leadership. Mr. Fox thanked the IWGA team led by the CEO Joachim Gossow and General Manager, Chantal Boehi for their hard work behind the scenes, especially in the name of all the participating atheltes.
Mr. Fox also presented a plaque to the IOC representative Jenny Mann, thanking Ms. Mann and the IOC for all their support and guidance and outlined again, the important cooperation between the IOC and the international federations. AIMS also honoured the close relationship with ARISF, as many AIMS members work towards IOC recognition and ARISF membership. Mr. Fox welcomed the Vice President of ARISF, Ms. Anna Arzhanova who attended on behalf of the ARISF family.
A token was also presented to the 2021 World Games Birmingham Sports Director, Steve Mistrot. Mr. Fox stated that the new generation of atheltes of the world are looking forward to Birmingham, and may they be continue to be inspired to realise their hopes and dreams.
A special presentation was made to GAISF and SportAccord President, Mr. Patrick Baumann, who represented by his advisor, Michel Filliau and Head of Administration, Philippe Gueisbuhler. Mr Fox spoke on the importance of GAISF as the recognized umbrella body for Olympic and non-Olympic sport and on the respect the Mr. Baumann has in the world sport family.
The AIMS Welcome Breakfast was hailed a great success as cooperations were strengthen and the true spirit of sport in the Olympic Movement was celebrated.