FITEQ surpasses 100 National Federations 
FITEQ has surpassed the significant milestone of recognising 100 National Teqball Federations after Equatorial Guinea, The Gambia, Norway, Gabon, Togo and Trinidad and Tobago were officially welcomed into the global teqball family this month, bringing the total number to 102.

FITEQ has doubled its number of National Federations in under a year, having reached 50 in April 2020. FITEQ has placed significant emphasis on building the foundations for active and self-sustainable federations, recognising that they are the lifeblood of the sport. National Federations will continue to play integral an integral role in the sport’s global development as FITEQ looks to achieve its vision of enabling every person to participate in teqball or para teqball, whatever level that might be.

FITEQ General Secretary Marius Vizer Jr reflected upon the milestone, saying, “The FITEQ Executive Board would like to thank all National Teqball Federations for their passion and hard work over the past few years, which has helped us reach this moment in record time. Without our federations, teqball would not have grown across all five continents at the pace that is has. Looking ahead, we will continue to put great effort and resources into our National Federation Development programme to equip our federations with everything they need to grow the sport in their country. FITEQ is highly ambitious and we have made impressive progress so far, but we still have a long way to go to achieve our dreams. We must use this milestone as a springboard for future success to ensure our sport reaches its full potential.”

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