The 3rd Croatia Open took place on the 19th September in Varazdin, a small historic town close to the Hungarian and Slovenian boarders.

This competition includes age categories from children through to veteran.  With bouts in Assaut and Combat, the competition attracted 106 athletes, from 5 countries. The best team performance was by Savate Klub Hrvatski Vuk (which means Croatian Wolf). The best athlete was Sladana Rajcevic, a member of the Šan Garešnica Savate club, who showed excellent technique and tactics.
The evening finished with the World Combat Junior Men’s -75kg final between Jurica Škoranec (Croatia) and Kevin Andreze (France). Both athletes fought well, with Jurica taking the title by majority decision.
Thank you to Sinisa Kovacic and his club for the excellent welcome to Varazdin and to Maja Odžic, competition supervisor, and the officials who worked hard throughout the day and the evening gala.varazdin_5_small