AIMS would like to congratulate Savate.

Over the last months, more than ever, we have come to realise how fragile our world is. Being a recognised sports federation also comes with important responsibility. We all know that global warming and the change of our climate is felt around the world, regardless from rising temperatures, the Antarctic breaking off, reefs disappearing and the list goes on. Mostly we, the humans, are responsible for these changes. The UNFCCC has been inviting sport organisations to join this action for sport movement, to engage together and collaborate with one another. The IOC is also contributing to key areas of action and many organisations have joined the climate action agenda and sport.

Savate, Federation Internationale de Savate (FISav) is a proud member of GAISF and AIMS family. Through the energetic leadership of, Julie Gabriel, Savate has become an even more recognised combat sport and international federation. Dr. Gabriel, is also a member of the AIMS council.

Savate is a sport with ancient traditions and values. We would like to congratulate FISav, which has joined the UNFCCC Sports for Climate Action initiative, as a signatory to the Sports for Climate Action Framework. Dr. Gabriel stated, “We must ensure that we work for the future, for our youth and the next generation and we must do this today.” AIMS President, Stephan Fox, stated that, “We all must give respect to Savate and President Gabriel for all the work they are doing on and off the field of play, and in many ways we may not predict the future but it is our responsibility to help to create it for the next generation.”