The ARISF/WADA Anti-Doping Coaching/Training Session, held every year since 2014 at the SportAccord Convention, is an open platform for International Federations (IFs), WADA, and any individual organisation involved or interested in clean sport to share the expertise, experiences and views in an open and transparent way. It features a series of discussions and presentations from anti-doping experts, and IF and WADA representatives focusing on a variety of areas including prevention, information sharing, doping control, results management, and other key elements of the protection of the clean athlete.

The cooperation between the 4 umbrella groups in the Olympic Movement is of utmost importance. AIMS General Secretary Dr Gerhard Zimmermann, stated that many other future opportunities are planned for AIMS members to take advantage of the resources provided by IOC, SportAccord and the other 3 umbrella groups. AIMS will be in attendance with full representation of it’s constituent IFs at the workshop.