FoxAIMS President Stephan Fox speaks to InsideTheGames on the importance of the GAISF Member Commission.
President Fox  spoke on current members drawing experience from International Federations IFs) which have been recognised by the IOC in the last five years. The Commission’s first meeting was attended by 73 delegates from 48 different IFs in Lausanne last month. Mr. Fox hailed the support given by GAISF President Patrick Baumann before stressing what needs to be done to aid its members. Mr. Fox stated,

“Patrick is very much behind this and he is doing an amazing job,”

The Commission has been established and the first meeting was help in June, where clear missions and decisions were made, currently work is going into finalizing the criteria to see how they can help IFs reach Observer Status. The Member Commission will support IFs in confronting where the sports themselves stand in terms of development and on what else needs to be improved. Mr. Fox stated,

Everyone here has the Olympic dream. But, in my opinion, it is not the destination but the journey which is important. It is about the things you improve in your sport like your ethics and anti-doping policies and so on.

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