Fistball is a very popular sport governed by the International Fistball Association (IFA) with national federations in around 60 countries. IFA is a member of GAISF, AIMS, IWGA and a full medal sport in The World Games. Bangkok hosted the 2018 Sport Accord Convention and history was made with the Bangkok Sport Festival under patronage of the IOC. IFA saw this as a great opportunity to set the roots for a national federation and sent one of their most outstanding female athletes, Ines Mayer, to Thailand and Rangsit University took the initiative to support, establish the sport in their own university and promote it through other universities in Thailand. Ines, then established programs in this university and organized its first Fistball tournament and since then has established the sport in the Kingdom of Thailand.

Rangsit University organized a coaches workshop hosted in the beautiful compound of the university and Ines was again invited to coach and further promote the sport. AIMS President Stephan Fox was the keynote speaker at this event and he thanked first of all, Rangsit University for their efforts to promote new sports in Thailand, Ines for her outstanding Pioneer work and IFA as an AIMS member for all their work to promote not only Fistball but sport in general for the betterment of society.