The World Combat Games will take place in Riyadh from Oct. 20-30

5 AIMS sports were involved in the 2023 World Combat Games, namely, Aikido, Arm Wrestling, Ju Jitsu, Kendo and Savate. All of them have extended their highest praises to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the organization of the World Combat Games 2023.

The first and second AIMS Vice Presidents, Mr. Panagiotis Theodoropoulos who is also president of Ju Jitsu, and Dr. Julie Gabriel President of Savate, have personally thanked the LOC and His Highness Prince Fahd bin Jalawi bin Abdulaziz, Vice President of the Saudi Olympic & Paralympic Committee, for the commitment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the contribution of the Games promoting inclusion and equality.

Both organizations, in addition to Arm Wrestling and Aikido, had para and special athletes included in the event, which was the first time special- and para-athletes have been included in the same platform and the same medal ceremony and tables.

Michael Buchel, AIMS Council Member, who was in Riyadh to oversee the AIMS sports family and helped with the coordination thereof, stated “This event launched the World Combat Games to another level and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have delivered what they promised.” The President of Arm-wrestling, Assen Hadjitodorov, thanked SportAccord and SportAccord President Ivo Ferriani, and AIMS President Stephan Fox, who was also Chair of the World Combat Games, for integrating Saudi’s Vision 2030 deeply into the event. The Arm-wrestling athletes, especially the paras, thanked the Games for this opportunity.

The AIMS family was part of the entire event, and further thanked all the other sports from the ARISF and ASOIF family. Saudi 2023 will be remembered by all athletes of all abilities as a once in a lifetime experience.

President Ferriani said in his closing remarks, “Saudi opened their homes and hearts to the athletes of the world, and we say thank you to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”