As with every year, AIMS actively participated at the IFU Forum and this year it was part of the panel in implementing good governance in sport with accountability through transparency and democratic decision-making. AIMS General Secretary Gerhard Zimmermann stated that the credibility of AIMS as a recognised umbrella organisation of 23 sports is important. AIMS over the last 12 months conducted a research on all it’s 23 members to ensure that each and everyone is in line with good governance. AIMS Executive Board member Julie Gabriel, stated that AIMS truly sets a high bar for membership and we must practice what we preach to ensure that each and everyone practices and sets proper examples.

Michal Buchel, AIMS Executive member states that we all must follow the principles of Olympic regardless of having achieved IOC recognition or not.

AIMS president, Stephan Fox who represented AIMS on the panel stated that good governance is the foundation of sport. “We cannot close our eyes to members of the sport family that are not following the practice” and AIMS is measuring their members and is not afraid to discipline the ones that do not follow proper sport ethics. The credibiilty of sport is important, we expect our athletes to follow the ethical principles to practice fairplay. So it is out mandate and obligation to ensure that we are transparent, democratic and maintain proper integrity on all levels.

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