The 20 AIMS members and 10 observers held their General Assembly which was held virtually. Originally the General Assembly should have been held in Ekaterinburg but since it was cancelled it was decided that it was to be held on the same date and time but virtually.

AIMS President Stephan Fox who was elected for his second term last year in November opened the congress talking about the significance of sport, how it is more important than ever. He stated that it fills him with pride to have been given the trust for a second term and congratulated the AIMS family for showcasing solidarity, unity and flexibility in these challenging times. He outlined the AIMS and Olympic values which are more needed than ever in this fragile world. He stated that AIMS demonstrated the change that we like to see and that we must continue to enhance and promote the important values and ethics of the Olympic movement. AIMS will continue to put the athletes and the youth in the forefront of all its work and we all can learn from the next generation, the way they have adapted to achieve their goals. The president thanked the IOC for their cooperation and trust making AIMS an IOC recognised umbrella organisation for sports and IFs towards meeting the criteria of IOC recognition.

The work has paid off as 6 AIMS members received full IOC recognition in 2021. The cooperation between the IOC is key. The President said, “It is everyone’s AIM(S) for new sports to get into AIMS and then continue in the elevator system to leave AIMS and join the ARISF family after they receive IOC recognition.”

He also praised the incoming GAISF/SportAccord President, Ivo Ferriani for his down to earth approach, supporting the AIMS members. Some individual discussions have already taken place between President Ferrinai and some AIMS member federations. He then passed the floor to the GAISF and SportAccord President who congratulated the AIMS family on their outstanding work, where 6 members got recognised. He also congratulated the UTS social initiatives stating that AIMS is a very credible and respectable member of the sport family. President Ferriani invited all the AIMS members and observers to the upcoming GAISF General Assembly in which many important topics will be discussed including the ideas for the future of GAISF and SportAccord.

ITA Director General, Mr. Benjamin Cohen spoke on behalf of ITA and its structure and its services. Olya Abasolo, Education Senior Manager, thanked the AIMS family for being part of ITA, especially the education workshops and seminars and the important future cooperation between AIMS and ITA.

The CEO of UTS Julia Govinden presented all facts and figures of the 2021 World Virtual Youth Festival thanking the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with over 50,000 youth participating and over 200,000 participants in the educational conferences and workshops with the IOC young leaders and the UTS ambassadors together having over 40,000 views a clear testimony that this event is for and with the youth of the world. She also thanks the cooperation between the AIMS members and UTS for organising regular workshops. She further stated that now preparations are already in full swing for the 2022 event “The Voices for Tomorrow”.

President Fox who is also the chairman of the GAISF Multi-Sport Games division made a detailed presentation on all the upcoming Multi-Sport Games and the signing of the 2023 games in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which will be the first all-inclusive GAISF Multi-Sport Games and a festival of martial arts and cultural understanding. There were many other agenda points, the AIMS working groups, the financial reports, all approved showing a sustainable development in AIMS. AIMS will call in an extraordinary meeting after the GAISF General Assembly to discuss the next steps forward and will continue to work closely with all umbrella bodies and the IOC towards services for the AIMS members and for all the athletes