AIMS Congratulates World Games

The AIMS President sends a special congratulation message to IWGA Honorary Life President, Ron Froehlich and President, Jose Perurena, for their 40th years anniversary

IWGA, founded by the late Dr. Un Yong kim, with 11 sports trying to synergize for inclusion in the Olympic sports programme.  A dream which has come true for Taekwondo and has also come true for many others, just look at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics Games, where 5 World Games members have been included in the sports programme.

At present, 37 international sports federations are recognized by IWGA which is fully recognized by the IOC. In order to become a member of IWGA you must be a GAISF member.


President Perurena, is also a GAISF Council member as the Representative of the GAISF associate members.

The AIMS family congratulates IWGA Honorary Life President Ron Froehlich, President Jose Perurena, CEO Joachim Gossow, the IWGA executives, the team and certainly all the members. We are all looking forward to post covid-19 where we all can be physical once again. The 3600 athletes from over 30 sports representing more than 100 countries say, thank you for the opportunity and everyone is looking forward to Birmingham 2022.