BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND – APRIL 10: IFA meeting at Alliance of Independent Recognised Members of Sport area during day 4 of SportAccord 2024 at the International Convention Centre on April 10, 2024 in Birmingham, England. (Photo by Tom Dulat/Getty Images)

Amidst the bustling exposition of the SportAccord 2024 Convention in Birmingham, the AIMS booth served as a quiet yet inviting space for AIMS member federations to gather, connect, and engage in thoughtful discussions. The booth provided a serene environment where representatives from diverse sporting disciplines could come together to share ideas, foster connections, and contemplate the future of global sports.

Throughout the event, the booth welcomed representatives from various AIMS member federations, offering them a place to gather and discuss a range of topics, from organizational strategies and development plans to collaboration opportunities and future initiatives.

AIMS President, Stephan Fox stated, “The SportAccord Convention in Birmingham was a great success and the AIMS booth gave the AIMS Family the chance to strengthen the collaborative spirit within the Olympic Family. The booth housed many networking opportunities within the exhibition area and allowed the members to meet organizations and collaborate with future host cities. AIMS investment in the booth showcases the commitment of AIMS to SportAccord to make SportAccord a continued success”.

Jörn Verleger, IFA President: The opportunity to use the joint AIMS booth was of great value to us as an IF. We had the opportunity to hold cooperation talks in a pleasant and private atmosphere, but also to present and promote our sport. We hope that this great networking opportunity will be continued at future events.

As the SportAccord 2024 Convention concluded, the AIMS booth stood as a testament to the importance of quiet reflection and meaningful dialogue in driving positive change within the sporting community. It served as a beacon of connection and contemplation, inspiring federations to continue working together towards a brighter future for sports worldwide.