Over 50 international organisations and federations participated in the second UTS Briefing for the upcoming UTS World Virtual Youth Festival 2021.

Over 100 organisations are expected to take part in this youth event. Bringing the Olympic and non-Olympic youth of the world together to promote a better world through sport. Promoting inclusion, equality, non discrimination and peace.

The 7-day event which will be held in conjunction with the UN World Children’s Day will see the youth participating in events such as Max Fit, Aero Fit, talent show, IPC Inclusive Challenge and SOI Unified Fitness Challenge. The event will also see 200 youth ambassadors representing the different sports and organisations.

UTS ad AIMS President, Stephan Fox welcomed all the participants and thanked them once again for supporting and being part of this all-inclusive event. UTS CEO, Julia Govinden made detailed briefing on the education programmes, while Janice Lyn, UTS Sports Coordinator presented the final sports programme.