United Through Sports and IPF sign Memorandum of Understanding

Luxembourg/Bangkok, 9 April 2021

Recently the IPF and United Through Sports (UTS) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to strengthen the cooperation in developing sport for underprivileged young sports kids as well as for people with a handicap.

During the signing of the MOU, AIMS and UTS President Mr. Stephan Fox honoured the active role of  IPF in terms of supporting the youth. „Over the last years, under the energetic leadership of President Gaston, IPF has done  outstanding work in so many areas, from anti-doping, inclusion, promoting equality and certainly youth development“ Mr. Fox says.

The IPF organised together with UTS a competition for special olympic athletes during the World Championships 2019 in Dubai as well as a conference „United Through Sports – United in Powerlifting“ with representatives from IWGA, GAISF, AIMS as well as IPF Athletes.

In 2021 both organisations will lift the cooperation on an even higher level with signing the MOU. In October during the IPF Bench Press World Championships will be organised the first „Unified Bench Press Competition“ where lifters from IPF, IPC, Special Olympics and IBSA will lift together in the same event.

„This shows that powerlifting is truly a sport which stands for inclusion and a sport for all“ President Parage mentioned and he continued „ United Trough Sports is the perfect tool to demonstrate that sport is not only physical education, it is influencing our whole lifestyle and making huge impacts on our understanding for social engagement”

With this MOU both IPF and UTS will strengthen the close cooperation between the organisations.

President Parage concludes „ I want to thank Mr. Fox, Ms. Govinden as well as the whole UTS Family for your engagement and I am looking forward to many interesting projects we can organise together to bring sport to our youth around the globe.

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