The WDF 2016 Europe Cup will take place September 20 – 24  2016 at the Hotel Zuiderduin Egmond Aan Zee  in the Netherlands. 32 Men’s teams and 26 Women’s teams will be competing, The 18th WDF Asia Pacific Cup will take place in Osaka Japan Wednesday 19th to 22nd of October  2016 Countries competing will be  Iran,

New SportAccord Council Appointed in Lausanne

  The SportAccord Council met by tele-conference on Wednesday, 27 July 2016. The meeting was chaired by newly elected President, Mr. Patrick Baumann and confirmed the appointment of new Members to the SportAccord Council as proposed by its stakeholders: Mr. P. Baumann, FIBA Secretary General, (ASOIF) Ms. K. Caithness, WCF President, (AIOWF) Ms. M. Casado,

Germany wins both IFA U18 World Champion titles

The day started with the game for the women’s bronze medal between Austria and Switzerland. In the preliminary round Austria won the first game against Switzerland and so hoped to do it again. But Switzerland would not go without a fight. The rallies were long and the lead in the first set changed a few times.

Finals are set at the Fistball IFA U18 World Championships

During the preparation of the center court for the 3rd day a accident happend: The windshield of the lawn mower broke and the glas shard had to be picked up by hand or hoovered. But gladly in the morning everything was ready on the center court for the teams to go. The first two games

End of preliminary round of the Fistball IFA U18 World Championships

The 2nd day startet with a lot more sunshine and a few more fans than the day before. Today the last games of the preliminary round were on the schedule to find out what teams go directly into the semifinals and who will fight tomorrow for the last spot in the semifinal. Again all the

Start of the IFA 2016 Fistball U18 World Championships in Nürnberg-Eibach/Germany

Today at the IFA 2016 Fistball U18 World Championships Germany the first games were played. With India and USA two countries made the first time an appearance at an U18 World Championship. But before the games could start the organisational committee and the IFA had to solve an unusual situation about the Indian Teams: The International Fistball

Muaythai Is In!!

The South East Asian Games Council comprising of 11 National Olympic Committees have just convened in Kuala Lumpur for an important meeting, where one of the topics is the confirmation of the 38 sports for the 2017 SEA Games. Muaythai (Muay), under IFMA has been announced as one of the 38 sports included in this

AIMS continues its close cooperation with ARISF

The cooperation between the 4 umbrella groups in the Olympic Movement is of utmost importance and AIMS is proud of it’s cooperation with ARISF. ARISF and WADA held their highly successful annual Anti-Doping Coaching/Training Session this year, where AIMS was in full attendance, sharing expertise, experience and views, also showing solidarity in the AIMS member’s

SportAccord Convention President conveys a special welcome note at the AIMS conference

The AIMS Conference in Lausanne was honoured to have SportAccord Convention President, and ASOIF President Mr Francesco Ricci Bitti to open with a special welcome note.  Mr Bitti thanked AIMS President, Stephan Fox for his leadership of AIMS, agreeing on the point that the focus at the moment does not lie on whether a sport