AIMS continues its close cooperation with ARISF

The cooperation between the 4 umbrella groups in the Olympic Movement is of utmost importance and AIMS is proud of it’s cooperation with ARISF. ARISF and WADA held their highly successful annual Anti-Doping Coaching/Training Session this year, where AIMS was in full attendance, sharing expertise, experience and views, also showing solidarity in the AIMS member’s

SportAccord Convention President conveys a special welcome note at the AIMS conference

The AIMS Conference in Lausanne was honoured to have SportAccord Convention President, and ASOIF President Mr Francesco Ricci Bitti to open with a special welcome note.  Mr Bitti thanked AIMS President, Stephan Fox for his leadership of AIMS, agreeing on the point that the focus at the moment does not lie on whether a sport

Bangkok is Looking Forward to the Youth World Championships 2016

Youth teams from all over the world are getting ready to become part of the biggest muaythai event for junior divisions in the world. The Championships will take place in the capital of the Kingdom of Thailand, Bangkok. The event will showcase the future of muaythai, a friendly competition where athletes can make friends for

President and founder of Peace and Sport and World Olympians Association speaks at AIMS Conference in Lausanne

It was honour to have Mr Joël Bouzou, President and founder of Peace and Sport and World Olympians Association speak at the Annual AIMS Conference which was held this time at the Olympic capital of Lausanne. Mr Bouzou opened speaking on the international values that sport conveys of hard work, fair play, respect, the kind

Combat Sports meeting in Lausanne

An important meeting was held in Lausanne between the 16 IOC and/or SportAccord Combat sports to discuss continued cooperation for mutual benefits, with further discussions on the Combat Games. The IOC was represented by IOC Sports Director Kit McConnell and Head of Stakeholder Relations, Jennifer Mann, SportAccord Convention was represented by Nis Hatt, and  AIMS President

SportAccord President meets AIMS Members

Patrick Baumann, the new SportAccord President had the opportunity of meeting all the representatives of the 23 international sports federations grouped together under the IOC recognized AIMS group. Mr Baumann outlined the importance of the cooperation between all stakeholders and recognized sports regardless of their inclusion in the Olympic Programme or if they are striving

Qualifying Tournament of the European Savate Combat Championships 2016

The Federation Internationale de Savate and its continental confederations hold regular championships in three main disciplines: Savate Assaut, Savate Combat and Canne de Combat. The qualifying tournament of the 2016 European Championships in Savate Combat took place recently in Greece. Many thanks to the organizer, Christos Kakos, the Hellenic federation and their team of volunteers,

WADA Issues Latest Edition of Play True Magazine

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) released today the latest edition of Play True magazine. Every edition of the magazine includes sections on WADA’s main activities: from anti-doping development to athlete outreach, education to compliance, and science to testing. In this edition, WADA honours the former Director General David Howman, who after 13 years at the Agency,

Minigolf History Made at The 2016 WMF World Adventure Golf Masters in Kosovo

  62 players from 15 countries were competing in Kosovo the last weekend of June. The 2016 WMF World Adventure Golf Masters (WAGM) tournament experienced new participants and new winners on a unique MOS-course in Pristina, Kosovo.  On June 25th and 26th, the largest and most diverse field ever of sixty-two participants from fifteen countries

WMF and EMF Presidents meet with the President of the Kosovo NOC

During their visit to Pristina, Kosovo for the 2016 World Adventure Golf Masters competition, the WMF-President Dr. Gerhard Zimmermann and the EMF-President Mr. Victor Condeco were invited for a meeting with the President of the National Olympic Committee of Kosovo Mr. Besim Hasani at the country’s House of Sports. Mr. Hasani was very grateful that