Powerlifting, is fast growing in popularity, with IPF being the sole world recognised organisation in the world of sport. Powerlifting is a sport for all, in which the athletes take centre stage in every part of the pyramid, regardless if you chose do it as a way of life or at elite competitive levels. Inclusivity and non-discrimination are not just the slogan for the International Powerlifting Federation.

Under the leadership of President, Gaston Parage, Secretary General Robert Keller, General Manager Emanuel Scheiber, the Executives and all the hard-working National Federation, IPF has grown from strength to strength as a world recognised sporting federation.

IPF is a member of GAISF and was included in the World Games, through the General Secretary and AIMS Council member. IPF has been one of the backbones on the recognition process of AIMS, becoming an IOC recognised umbrella organisation. All this has been done for the betterment of the athletes. The progress of Powerlifting as a sport has come from equality and access for all rules, the standards, ethics and fair play on all levels.

GAISF President, Raffaele Chiulli and AIMS President, Stephan Fox had the honour to be invited to the World Powerlifting Championships in Dubai, where he congratulated IPF for the professionalism of this event. He also stated that one of the highlights was that the competition days incorporated with the Special Olympics. Which was not only inspiring with how it showcased the abilities, skills and success but more so for IPF and these amazing talents, and; feeling the passion of the IPF family in this special moment. The President further congratulated IPF on the initiative with United Through Sports and a fantastic conference ‘United in Powerlifting’ with many key note speakers including IWGA CEO, Joachim Gossow.

Over the years IPF has succeeded in their protection of the clean athletes and the anti-doping program which is a sustainable approach success and achievement for the next generation of power lifters.

Please enjoy this comprehensive report and success story.