The International Aikido Federation IAF is a long-standing member of the World Games and certainly GAISF and AIMS family.

IAF is one of the founding members of AIMS and is on the Executive board. Aikido is one of the driving forces in the UTS activities. The Olympic values aiming to strive for a better world in the service of mankind and the values of respect, friendship and excellence are embraced with and through Aikido.

The Aikido family from over 20 countries experienced the magic of the World Games 2022 in Birmingham and performed a wonderful Embukai (Aikido demonstration). The Bill Battle Coliseum, in Alabama witnessed beautiful etiquette, discipline, good mindset, coordination in techniques. The 36 participants worked as a united team, even though most of them met the others there, for the first time.

There were many respectable members of the world sport community and especially the martial arts community. World Karate Federation Antonio Espinos, the Director General of International Jujitsu Federation Joachim Thumfart, Ms. Mayumi Fujino the Sumo representative and certainly the president of AIMS and Vice President of GAISF Stephan Fox who was presented with a special gift. IAF would also like to thank all the IWGA executive board members who visited the venue and also the CBS sports team.

AIF is looking forward to the next major sport event, the World Combat Games in 2023 in Riyadh, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.